Tuesday (St Gregory of Nazianzus)

  • Usual weekly and daily self-organization and task-planning at home.
  • Impromptu and substantive meeting with the chairman of the Commission on Ministry, who was synergizing his passage through Springfield on a pastoral errand by dropping by. It was fruitful.
  • Returned a phone call from the rector of Emmanuel, Champaign to discuss some details of my scheduled visitation there the Sunday after next.
  • Belated devotions and Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Tweaked, formatted, and edited the working script of my homily for Easter V–this Sunday at St George’s, Belleville.
  • Dashed off an email note to one of our priests who is marking an ordination anniversary.
  • Dashed off a quick email reply to one of our priests over a relatively trivial issue.
  • Ran home to retrieve Brenda and take her to a noon dental appointment. While waiting, I read and mentally processed some significant emailed material regarding goings-on in our companion diocese of Peru. Grabbed a fast food lunch for both of us afterward. Ate it at home.
  • Fiddled with keys and copies of keys in an attempt to create a robust backup plan for those occasions where someone who works in this building is here inadvertently sans keys (usually YFNB). I think we solved it.
  • Believe it or not, it’s time to start the countdown clock toward the next annual Synod of the diocese in October. So I thought through and plotted the various actions I personally need to take in order to be prepared.
  • Briefly followed up by email on one component in the ongoing campaign to make our database system actually start to serve us.
  • Added some data to a spreadsheet I’m developing with contact info for the church musicians in the diocese. Still waiting to hear from several Eucharistic Communities.
  • Dealt by email with a somewhat thorny and complex issue pertaining to the ordination process.
  • Downloaded and filled out my registration form for next month’s 24-hour meeting of the Province V bishops in Chicago.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
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