Tuesday (St Ephrem)

  • We’re still trying to get out domestic bearings after having had to make the decision late yesterday to say goodbye to Lucy, Brenda’s border collie who has shared our home in three states for more than 13 years. She wasn’t my dog, but I was very fond of her, and she definitely had a thing for me. What a sweetheart. It just isn’t the same not having her around.
  • Consulted briefly with the Treasurer over an administrative issue as I arrived at the office.
  • Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Took care of a piece of Nashotah-related business.
  • Reviewed and approved a Marital Judgment request.
  • Responded to an email over an administrative issue.
  • Prepared, by reading a substantive book review online, for a meeting later in the day.
  • More administrivia via email.
  • Met briefly with Frs Halt and Wetmore regarding their work in developing a Springfield iteration of something called the St Michael’s Conference–a six-day intensive catechetical experience for youth that has a track record of deepening faith and changing lives. Very excited about this.
  • Put some meat on the bones of a homily for Proper 8 (June 29 at St Thomas’, Glen Carbon).
  • Spoke by phone briefly with my Bank of America co-trustee for the Putnam Trust, which benefits two of our congregations.
  • At around 1pm, stopping for lunch at Freddy’s Steakburgers, I headed north and east for a 6pm dinner engagement in LaPorte, Indiana. I am one of a community of pastors and scholars, clergy and lay, who contribute to the blog Covenant, operated by the Living Church Foundation. This was the first evening of a three-day retreat, but my appearance was only a cameo. The Covenant authors are mostly young, exceptionally bright, excitingly committed, and most of the reason I still have some hope for the future of the Episcopal Church. It was hard to leave them, but I did so at 9:00 and got back on the road westbound on I-80, camping out for the night in Joliet, ahead of meeting tomorrow morning in Peru, about an hour further west, with two members of the Nashotah House administration.
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