Tuesday (St Dunstan)

Today was mostly devoted to processing a very thick stack of emails that have arrived over the last two or three days, most of them having to do with the reopening directions that were promulgated yesterday. To their credit, local clergy are trying to apply the protocols creatively and adaptively to their concrete local situations, but want to make sure what they have in mind doesn’t run afoul of the instructions that apply to all.  This included a substantive phone conversation with Canon Evans. I also did some work on refurbishing a “vintage” homily for Pentecost, which I anticipate will actually be delivered–and I feel like I have to pinch myself to say this–at St Paul’s in Alton. Read another chapter in the book I will eventually review for The Living Church. Late in the afternoon, I squeezed a robust walk in before Evening Prayer with Brenda and cooking dinner.

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