Tuesday (St Cyril of Jerusalem)

Although I rather badly needed a day off, I knew it just wasn’t in the cards, given the number of items on my task list and the fact that I’m flying to Texas Thursday morning for House of Bishops. So I created the illusion of a day off by not donning clericals and going in to the office. Most of what I do during the week can be done with an internet connection and a telephone, so I worked from my favorite recliner. Dealt with a stack of emails on a range of issues, worked on my sermon for Lent IV at St John’s Chapel in Champaign, worked on the next two Lenten series presentations in Decatur, and participated in a conference call with senior staff at Nashotah House. I also voted, learning in the process of preparation for that act that I can practically throw a stone from my back yard into the next congressional district. Thank-you, gerrymandering.

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