Tuesday (St Cornelius)

  • Organized tasks for the week at home.
  • Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Debriefed with the Archdeacon over an ongoing administrative quagmire we’re in with the Church Pension Fund.
  • Took care of some administrivia related to the Putnam Trust.
  • Attended to a small chore related to my service on the Living Church Foundation board.
  • Responded to an invitation to attend a small informal conference next month related to the ongoing evolution (devolution?) of the Anglican Communion.
  • Worked on refining travel arrangements for a visitor from Pakistan–priest and seminary professor–who is spending time in the diocese this weekend.
  • Touched base by phone with Fr Mark Evans regarding my visit to his parish this Sunday.
  • Met with a banker from Illinois National Bank and signed refi documents for the loan against the property at St Michael’s, O’Fallon.
  • Lunch with Fr Dave Halt at Dynasty–Asian place next to Taco Gringo.
  • Spoke by phone with a representative of a company that offers database management service to church organizations, including several Episcopal dioceses. We need to bring our database management into the 21st century.
  • Refined and printed my working copy of this Sunday’s homily.
  • Since it was snowing steadily, with more predicted, the Archdeacon and I left the building, the last to do so, just before 3:30.
  • I have designs on continuing my productivity at home, but I had to focus my attention on getting Brenda’s car, which was stranded streetside, up the driveway and into the garage. This required a trip to Ace Hardware to purchase more sand and salt. The job got done, but it consumed me until about 6. I was ready for a cocktail.
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