Tuesday (St Columba)

Second full day at SMYC:

  • Morning Prayer
  • Breakfast
  • An activity in the woods known as “low ropes,” led by one of the Lake Williamson staffers, basically a trust and community-building exercise. I was along with the group for a while, but, fairly early-on, one of the kids succumbed to the unpleasant symptoms of a stomach virus and I escorted him back to his room, made sure he was safe and hydrated, and left him to rest.
  • Consequently, I spent the remained of the morning, as it were, “working” — emails and phone calls.
  • Mass for the lesser feast of St Columba of Iona at noon.
  • Lunch
  • Three hours of instructional time. I finished up what I began yesterday on prayer for the first half; Fr Wetmore finished what he started yesterday on the creeds for the second half. He very effectively deployed several video clips from a web resource called Lutheran Satire. Pretty fun but theologically robust stuff.
  • 30 minutes of music practicum, led by YFNB, with Brenda at the keyboard.
  • Evensong
  • Dinner
  • Movie night: We watched The Princess Bride, which the kids all seemed to know and love, even though it came out well before any of them were born. Somehow, I’ve managed to escape it until tonight.
  • Daily debrief and Compline. A good day.
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