Tuesday (St Bernard)

  • Prayers, tea, breakfast, and crossword in the usual fashion. Then out at 0735 for a chiropractic appointment at 0800.
  • Back around 0915. Got cleaned up. Planned tasks for the day.
  • Took a phone call from one of the clergy of the diocese.
  • Stepped out to take Brenda to a 1030 acupuncture appointment. Picked up some Italian beef sandwiches from Al’s Beef on the way home. They make the absolute best. Ate in front of an episode of NCIS: Los Angeles. Yes, I can have pretty trashy taste in TV at times.
  • Composed and sent a substantive email to a colleague bishop about a rather sensitive and complex issue about which I can presently say nothing specific.
  • Took care of a fairly small duty in connection with my role as board secretary of the Living Church Foundation.
  • Dealt at considerable length with an emerging pastoral issue in one of our Eucharistic Communities.
  • Took care of a loose end related to my registration for next month’s House of Bishops meeting.
  • Emailed the presenter for our November clergy conference with an eye toward fostering the process of content development.
  • Extended some pastoral care by phone to a cleric from outside the diocese.
  • Because of some recent changes to my weekend schedule in September, I had to revisit some preaching prep plans. This involved identifying a couple of old texts that can be reworked.
  • Evening Prayer in our domestic chapel.
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