Tuesday (St Basil)

  • Morning Prayer (said) at 8:00.
  • Another long and excellent teaching on the sacraments from Mother Beth Maynard, with a break in the middle and a break at the end.
  • 45 minutes from YFNB on “How do we know stuff?”–one might say, an introduction to epistemology without using that word. This was a followup to yesterday’s teaching on what it means to be a human person (theological anthropology) and a setup to tomorrow’s presentation on Revelation. The responses from the kids confirmed (and then some) my suspicion that it is not only necessary to teach the content of the Christian and Catholic faith to our young folks, but to provide them with some intellectual/philosophical infrastructure that can subvert the cultural miasma of Cartesian subjectivism in which they swim.
  • Choir practice, followed by Mass for the lesser feast of St Basil the Great. I presided, Mother Beth preached.
  • Lunch in the usual place–the room adjacent to our meeting area.
  • About 90 minutes of down time–must needed by YFNB!
  • A expedition to a nearby bowling alley. Great fun. We all played two games, and wore ourselves out.
  • Evensong back at the ranch, followed by friend chicken dinner back at the ranch.
  • Another superb teaching on prayer by Fr Baumann.
  • The movie Inside Out, which illustrates the problem I am trying to counter in my talks.
  • Compline.
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