Tuesday (St Augustine)

  • Usual AM routine; Morning Prayer in the cathedral (after conversation with the Archdeacon over various pending concerns).
  • Prepared an email for Sue to send to our widest diocesan list with the sad news of the death last night of Bishop Roger White, who served two parishes of this diocese during the 1970s.
  • Responded to a couple of emails that I received yesterday.
  • Met with exemplary deacon Martha Bradley, who has served with distinction for 25 years at St Paul’s Cathedral (having been a member thereof since 1952). We discussed her discernment that the time may have come to lay aside regular Sunday liturgical duties.
  • Created a skeletal structure for this Sunday’s homily at Trinity, Lincoln.
  • Lunch at home (leftover chile relleno from last night–a real treat).
  • Responded to more of yesterday’s emails.
  • Scanned and discarded a considerable quantity of material that had accumulated since I left for General Convention at the beginning of July. Interestingly, this included more than a dozen business cards that I picked up either in Indianapolis or in Bangkok. It was cause for reflection on the range of people I have met recently.
  • Took a careful look at all areas of the diocesan website. Made a list of areas that need attention. Plotted action steps to address those needs.
  • Reviewed an approved the draft of the journal of last year’s diocesan synod.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
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