Tuesday (St Antony)

  • Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Took care of a quick bit of administrivia.
  • Took care of a not-so-quick bit of administrivia, having to do with the ongoing project of making our database software accessible and effective. We are making slow but steady progress.
  • Played email volleyball with the rector of Holy Comforter, Drexel Hill, PA, where I will be preaching the Sunday after next. The preaching gig is a secondary side benefit to the primary reason for my visit to Philadelphia (my first to that city) that weekend, which is connected to my leadership position in the Society of King Charles the Martyr. But I am never not excited about an opportunity to preach.
  • Took some giant leaps toward actually having a sermon ready to deliver when I show up in Drexel Hill.
  • Lunch from the McD’s on MacArthur, which I learned yesterday is closing at the end of the month, after 60 years, eaten at home. It’s not like Springfield has any shortage of McDonald’s locations. But this is the only one that is literally right on my way home from the office. It will be missed … by me, at least.
  • On my way back to the office, I accompanied Brenda to Jiffy Lube to address a minor issue with her car.
  • Attended to an email from one of our rectors that covered a wide range of concerns, from pastoral issues within his parish, to the details of my next visitation, to some diocesan business.
  • Met for a while with Fr Mark Evans, first in his capacity as chair of the Department of Finance, and then in his capacity as rector of Trinity, Lincoln, where I will be visiting this Sunday.
  • Revised, edited, refined, and printed a working script for my homily this Sunday (Trinity, Lincoln).
  • Saw to some routine and mundane personal organization chores.
  • Amidst all the foregoing, processed a steady trickle of incoming emails. Steadier and less of a trickle than usual.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
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