Tuesday (St Anskar)

Our original plan to depart Charleston was early enough–6:52am flight to Chicago. The alarms were set appropriately. But during the night, text messages and emails arrived with the information that our flight was canceled because the incoming flight last night was canceled due to fog in Charleston. A series of phone calls got us booked on another airline for a 5:27 departure. Alas, after making this arrangement, we could not pack and get our rental car returned and into the terminal in time, and we missed the flight. So we had to cool our heels at the airport until the next flight on our new carrier that they had room on–an 11am departure to Charlotte. I can now testify–the Charleston airport departure lounge is not friendly to sleeping. All else moved along happily, and we were in Chicago around 3:15, and home by 8:30 (after stopping in Joliet to eat at one of our favorite places–Al’s Beef). Now bring on the winter storm warning.

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