Tuesday (St Agnes)

  • Routine weekday early AM.
  • Processed a stack of emails that have arrived in the last couple of days, on a range of issues.
  • Did necessary surgery on a “vintage” sermon text on Epiphany III, in preparation for this Sunday at Trinity, Jacksonville.
  • Fixed an anomaly in our database program. We are now set up to receive online payments and donations.
  • Lunched on leftovers.
  • Attended briefly to liturgy preparation for the clergy retreat next month.
  • More homiletical surgery, this time on an old text for Candlemas (Presentation), which falls on a Sunday this year, and when I’ll be “supplying” at Trinity, Mt Vernon.
  • Spent most of the remaining productive time of the afternoon closely examining commentaries on the third chapter of John’s gospel, in preparation for preaching on Lent II, again at Trinity, Mt Vernon (this time for my regular visitation). It is a happy privilege to be able to do this sort of close study.
  • Analyzed my calendar to come up with a proposed date to formally celebrate the new ministry of Fr John Richmond at Christ the King, Normal.
  • Evening Prayer in our domestic oratory.
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