Tuesday (Ss Perpetua & Felicity)

  • Walked into the cathedral for Morning Prayer, but found a team from the local Allen Organ dealer busy installing a speaker chamber in the (liturgical) west end of the nave. I formed an intention of retreating to my office for the business at hand, but found myself so distracted by a conversation with the dealer that it completely fell off my radar.
  • Followed up briefly with the Archdeacon on an administrative matter.
  • Followed up by email with the Senior Warden of one of our Eucharistic Communities on an ongoing administrative matter.
  • Added another slight tweak to the draft job description for a staff member in communications before sending it out for vetting to a few key stakeholders.
  • Began my accustomed first step in preparing a “from scratch” Sunday homily (this one for Easter III at St Bartholomew’s, Granite City): lift the entire project up in focused prayer, then harvest the appointed readings from lectionary sources and paste them into a Word document that, after many transformations, will end up being the document that I send to the printer, most likely on the Tuesday before the Sunday on which I have to deliver it.
  • Lunch from McD’s, eaten at home.
  • Got back to the readings for Easter III (the fact that I’m starting on it so far in advance says something about my travel schedule in the coming weeks), making a few notes on each of them–just a few reflections, nothing that yet rises to the level of exegesis.
  • Took advantage of the bright afternoon sunshine to treat myself to a vigorous walk. Part of my motivation was the Fitbit device I bought yesterday. It probably ought not to be legal to sell those things to people who lean in an OCD direction. Just sayin’.
  • Because I’m going to be out of town between Thursday morning and next Wednesday morning, I made my initial preparations for session two of my Wednesday Lenten teaching series at St Paul’s Cathedral (“Peeling the Paschal Mystery”).
  • Evening Prayer in the (now empty) cathedral.
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