Tuesday (Ss Cyril & Methodius)

  • Weekly task planning at home, MP in the cathedral.
  • Sent out email reminders about a couple of important meetings this week.
  • Reviewed in detail a slew of documents (agenda, financial statements, evaluation materials) pertaining to the afternoon’s scheduled conference call meeting of the Nashotah House Board of Directors. Otherwise prepped to chair the meeting.
  • Lunch from China 1, eaten at home.
  • Chaired the regular bimonthly conference call meeting of the Nashotah board.
  • Took a brisk walk down Second to South Grand, west over to Spring, then up past the north end of the capitol, and back down on Second. Because exercise has to become even more of a priority for me.
  • Finished, refined, and printed the draft I wrote week before last of a homily for Epiphany VII, this Sunday at St Thomas’, Salem.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
  • While eating my dinner at home, a phone call from a senior warden reminded me, with horror, that I was supposed to be meeting the the MLT of one of our parishes about 70 miles away. The event had escaped my normally steel-trap system. I was mortified, because I inconvenienced several people and meetings like that are very difficult to schedule. Trying not to beat myself up too much.
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