Tuesday (Robert Grosseteste)

  • I had the morning free–unexpectedly, due to s scheduling snafu–to I used it to (naturally) process a bunch of emails, pay some bills, and get the oil changed in the YFNBmobile.
  • Participated (robustly, I would probably say) in my first meeting as a member of the Board of Directors of the Living Church Foundation. TLC has played a huge role, since the mid-1970s, in my formation as an Anglican Christians, and is making a major contribution to the ongoing life of the Anglican Communion. It is my joy to “give back” what I can at this stage of my life and ministry,
  • While at dinner with the group, at a charming Serbian restaurant on the south side of Milwaukee, the left kidney decided it didn’t like feeling neglecting and started with Level 7 (on the 1 to 10 scale that they now always ask you about), soon shooting up to an 8. I had just placed my order and hadn’t even finished my beer, but I was quickly “intervened on” and driven to the ER at Columbia St Mary’s hospital. The left kidney has now certainly earned the prize on the Pain-O-Meter, but once the right drugs were flowing into my vein, it succumbed At around 11, I left, armed with three new prescriptions and a souvenir copy of my X-ray.
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