Tuesday (Robert Grosseteste)

Getting settled into the new order of things is a fits-and-starts endeavor. Today was mostly fits. The project of constructing a wardrobe (i.e. the free-standing closet variety) from an Ikea kit has been a black hole for time and energy. The good news is that , as of late this afternoon (and after a third trip to Ikea in Schaumburg) is that the project is complete, and my wardrobe (as in the collection-of-clothing variety) is now appropriately organized and stowed. This breaks a the getting-settled logjam, as now we can focus on getting books out of boxes and onto (presently inadequate) shelves, which will then allow us to unpack the wall art and get some of it hung (we have more than we can use). And so it goes. I did manage to pray both the morning and evening offices, and respond to a few emails. Despite the time-consuming frustrations, I’m going to bed grateful. This was a big hump to get over.

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