Tuesday (Philander Chase)

Last night I drove up to Joliet, and then this morning the rest of the way to the campus of Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington … for a meeting with about thirty other Episcopalians! There is a program called Renewal Works that is for Episcopal congregations, but grew out of a process that was originally designed for Willow Creek. It’s under the auspices of Forward Movement, on whose board I serve, and which is dedicated to the reinvigoration of the life of the church through discipleship. Renewal Works is first an assessment tool and then an action tool for bringing about spiritual growth in the lives of our parishioners. I’m very excited about it, all the more after today. The day included two hours with Bill Hybels, the founding and continuing pastor of Willow Creek, which was a real gift. We broke up at 5, and I rolled into Leland Grove a little past 9. Traffic.

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