Tuesday (Our Lady of Walsingham)

  • Usual start to a weekday workday morning.
  • Wrestled heavily with my homiletical message statement for Proper 24 (October 13 in Rantoul), ending up with a developed outline that will provide the basis for a rough draft next week.
  • Took a brief walk, about six blocks, just to decompress. (much as I might have were I in the office).
  • Dealt with a lingering financial-administrative diocesan issue.
  • Lunch from a nearby taqueria, eaten at home.
  • Digested an unanticipated email about a serious pastoral-administrative issue. Plotted further actions.
  • Substantive phone conversation with a priest who is interested in exploring deployment in the diocese.
  • Read and replied to a stack of Ember Day letters from our postulants and candidates for Holy Orders.
  • Took the developed outline of my address to synod next month and turned it into a rough draft. It will need some refinement, but it’s essentially finished.
  • Evening Prayer in our domestic chapel.
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