Tuesday (O Adonai)

  • Morning Prayer in the home oratory/chapel. Task planning over breakfast.
  • Sent out a sheaf of substantive emails over an array of matters–some pastoral, some administrative.
  • Took today’s walk in the morning (sunny and relatively mild), stopping at a toy stone en route for a small bit of Christmas shopping, and arriving back home with Chinese carry-out for lunch.
  • Knocked off another big chunk on the exorcism liturgy project.
  • Made air travel and lodging arrangements in Toronto for a meeting next month of the Canadian iteration of the Communion Partner bishops. I will attend as a guest, representing their U.S. colleagues.
  • Attended to a bit of administrative work pertaining to one of our geographic parishes.
  • Performed some routine scheduled personal organization maintenance–cleaning up the “desktop” on my computer.
  • Reviewed and edited the draft bulletin for my (re-scheduled) visitation to St Bartholomew’s, Granite City on the 30th.
  • Evening Prayer in the oratory/chapel.
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