Tuesday (Nicholas Ferrar)

The morning was devoted to getting a 60,000-mile service performed on the YFNBmobile. While that was happening, I get my daily step quota in, and then some. The afternoon (beginning late) featured a Zoom meeting with the Standing Committee (for a change, not to discuss conflict, but to discuss more uplifting things). After that, I was feeling kind of drained, and not firing on all cylinders. There was a phone conversation with Canon Evans, a bunch of late-arriving email, and some coaching on sermon preparation with one of our postulants who is being forced to learn to preach “early” because he often finds himself a Worship Leader in a presently priest-less community. Then I had to turn my attention to replacing my phone, because it’s no longer holding a charge. It’s over four years old, which is a venerable age in smart phone years. #plannedobsolescence

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