Tuesday (Nativity of the BVM)

  • Weekly master planning of tasks at home over breakfast.
  • Morning Prayer and devotions in the cathedral.
  • Refined and printed the working text of this Sunday’s homily (St John’s, Decatur),
  • Met for 90 minutes with the priest-in-charge of one of our Eucharistic Communities, over a range of substantive issues.
  • Hand-wrote a thank-you note to a large parish outside the diocese that made a generous contribution to my discretionary fund as an act of support for the positions I took at General Convention.
  • Began work on liturgical planning for the scheduled requiem this Saturday for Walter Born, a recent seminary graduate who was preparing for ordination in this diocese, but whose way was detoured by cancer.
  • Attended the regular midday Mass, keeping the feast of Our Lady’s nativity.
  • Lunch from McD’s, eaten at home.
  • Continued working at home on the Born requiem program.
  • Departed at 4pm with Brenda for points south. A parishioner at St George’s, Belleville who has season tickets to Busch Stadium, and knowing of my affinity for the Chicago Cubs, invited Brenda and me and Fr Coleman to join him for the game. Let’s just say that I enjoyed the game much more than he did.
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