Tuesday (Melanesian Martyrs)

  • Usual weekday AM routine. Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Began to work on editing and formatting my sermon for this Sunday (Trinity, Mt Vernon). Noticed that I was feeling vaguely out of sorts. Within about 30 minutes it became clear that I was having a kidney stone attack. Not my first rodeo. I held out until I could not longer really concentrate on my work and then told the staff that I was heading to the ER. (St John’s Hospital is only about a mile away.) It wasn’t horribly crowded, and they got me diagnosed, hooked up with a pain killer, and discharged in a little over two hours. I was home with KFC for lunch only a little later than I otherwise would have been. One of the more satisfactory ER experiences.
  • Back in the office, I completed the sermon work I had begun in the morning, before heading out for a couple of personal errands (one of which was fill a pain-killer prescription, the need for which had reasserted itself).
  • Sat down with Paige to watch the rough cut of the “Holy Week at the Cathedral” video she’s put together and make some editing suggestions. (I’m fully capable of imagining *how* I want video edited. Just could never learn how to actually *do* it.)
  • Did a prayerful drive-by of the readings for Proper 6 (June 17 in Mt Carmel).
  • Culled and straightened the rat’s nest that is usually the top of my desk and my credenza. This is more or less an annual chore, though I should do it more frequently.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
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