Tuesday (Martyrs of New Guinea)

  • Usual AM routine.
  • Prepared to preside and preach at the regular midday Mass in the cathedral chapel.
  • Tied up some loose ends on a couple of administrative issues pertaining to clergy deployment.
  • Devoted the rest of the morning, and much of the afternoon, to first-pass rough preparation for a couple of talks I am scheduled to give in two weeks’ time. I’m a presenter at a clergy gathering in the Diocese of Mississippi on the 15th, and then at a public event at the cathedral in Jackson on the 16th. My topics, respectively, are Looking to the Rock from Which You Were Hewn: Soundings and Revelation and Authority and Please Don’t Invite Your Friends to the Eucharist: Being Church in an Unchurchy World. This is at the invitation of the Bishop of Mississippi, but it has grown out of the Delegated Episcopal Pastoral Oversight relationship I have had with the parish of Trinity, Yazoo City.
  • Duly presided and preached at the scheduled Mass, keeping the lesser feast appointed for the day.
  • Lunch at Applebee’s with the cathedral Provost, Fr Andy Hook.
  • Continued to debrief with the Archdeacon over various matters that arise from the time of either his long absence, or mine.
  • Got back to work on the Mississippi talks. Completed what I had hoped to accomplish. Both are roughed out to a good bit of detail. Back to them next week.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
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