Tuesday (Martyrs of Memphis)

  • Task planning for the week at home. 88 potential action items for this week. Ambitious.
  • Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Got reacquainted with my desk by sorting, culling, and otherwise processing the stack of hard-copy items (correspondence, solicitations, newsletter, etc.) that had accumulated there during my absence. In response to something in that pile, initiated a round of telephone tag with the bishop of a diocese in which I have a DEPO parish. Also discovered that there’s something wrong with our phone system and I can’t access my voicemails for the time being.
  • Examined, consulted with the Archdeacon over, and signed a Letter of Agreement between the parish and a priest that had been negotiated while I was away. Grateful that substantive and positive things can still happen even when I’m not around.
  • Reviewed and approved a Marital Judgment request.
  • Dashed off an email to the Rector’s Warden of a parish in transition, asking for a phone conversation.
  • Wrote a note of condolence (via email) to a priest and his wife who have recently suffered a very sad death in their family.
  • Consulted with the Administrator regarding lunch arrangements for a meeting we are hosting in the office later this week.
  • Reviewed the revised weekday Mass rota for the cathedral chapel. Wednesday is generally my day.
  • Lunch from La Bamba, eaten at home.
  • Had that phone conversation with the Rector’s Warden whom I had emailed earlier.
  • Responded to a scheduling query from a rector whose parish I will be visiting next month.
  • Attended to a small piece of Nashotah House business via email.
  • Attended to two relatively small pieces of diocesan synod business via email.
  • Did some last minute recruiting for the chairmanship of one of our canonical commissions.
  • Responded (affirmatively) to a last-minute invitation to an event in the Chicago area week after next that will delve more deeply into Renewal Works, which I believe has the potential to play a significant role in forming our people as disciples so they can then embrace apostolic ministry.
  • Took care of some routine personal organization tasks related to the  transition from one calendar month to the next.
  • Attended to some chores related to setting the agenda for next month’s meeting of the Nashotah House board of trustees.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
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