Tuesday (Holy Guardian Angels)

First day of “telecommuting” in the new order of things, with a home in Chicago.

  • Morning Prayer in my living room.
  • Put the finishing touches on my “office” area in a corner of the dining room: computer, scanner, printer, shredder, all plugged into a surge protector.
  • Reviewed the text of a homily for Proper 22 (this Sunday at St Stephen’s in Harrisburg) Made appropriate changes to freshen it up,
  • Dealt by email with the Communications Coordinator on a range of ongoing projects.
  • When granddaughter Hattie knocks on the door, everything else is put on hold. She coopted Nana’s attention for quite a while, which allowed me to focus on what I was doing.
  • Attended to a couple of small “getting settled” chores, of which there remain a great many.
  • More prep for next month’s clergy conference.
  • Lunch of leftovers.
  • Responded by email by way of pastoral care to a layperson who had some questions.
  • Took an hour to devote to a major household project: assembling a wardrobe I bought from Ikea. Still a good way to go on this one.
  • Responded to an email from the Bishop of Tabora.
  • Took care of some routine personal organization business.
  • Downloaded a substantial document sent by the Bishop of Peru (one of our companion dioceses). Between my “pretty good” reading knowledge of Spanish, and Google Translate, along with some paraphrasing and condensing, I was able to pass along to Paige what I hope is a credible English version that will soon show up on our website.
  • Evening Prayer in the living room.
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