Today was an exceptionally long day. It actually began Sunday morning, as Brenda began to show uncharacteristic signs of mental confusion as we were on our visitation in Glen Carbon, signs that became steadily more pronounced as we drove home to Chicago, and throughout the day yesterday. By early evening, it was clear that she needed urgent attention. I took her to the ER at Swedish Covenant, the hospital just three blocks from our building, and, by around midnight, tests revealed that she had an electrolyte imbalance and a dangerously low level of sodium. A one-liter bag of IV saline solution turned things right around amazingly quickly. but they kept her overnight for observation and to chase down the underlying cause. I stayed at her bedside until just past 0300am, and was back there before 0800, so I got a little less than three hours of sleep. She was finally discharged mid-afternoon, and I’ve since been trying to sort through the rubble of delayed and triaged tasks, and find some semblance of order. Going to bed early, and expecting to be cocooning tomorrow, being productive by internet while it snows. What a “day.”

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