Tuesday (F.D. Maurice)

  • Weekly task planning at home. Feeling deluged. 86 potential/desirable items on the list for this week. Some substantial, many quite small. But not humanly possible. Selected 13 to try and get to today.
  • Conferred with the Treasurer on a financial/administrative matter affecting one of our Eucharistic Communities.
  • Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Dashed off a couple of quick emails.
  • Met for the better part of an hour by phone with an officer of the Church Pension Group. They’re trying to connect with all the bishops just to get feedback on perception and performance. I took the opportunity, of course, to get my licks in about a particularly vexatious matter  in which they are being less than helpful.
  • Met for 90 minutes with the head musician and the supply priest of the cathedral to plan liturgies for Holy Week and Easter. Before Fr Roderick’s death, we had laid some preliminary foundations, but it all needed to be revisited.
  • Lunch from TG, eaten at home.
  • Conferred by phone with the Dean of Nashotah House and two senior administrative staff members over a personnel matter. This conversation, in turn, generated an outgoing phone call and two outgoing emails for me.
  • Conferred by phone with a potential facilitator for a special meeting of the Nashotah trustees in advance of our regular meeting next month.
  • Drove to the urgent care clinic to have my big toe X-rayed. I injured it at home on Saturday. It’s not immensely painful, but it has lately turned some interesting colors. The verdict: not broken.
  • Back at the office, I secured some of the loose corners of the Nashotah business that I’d already worked on … then, refined and printed a working draft of sermon for this Sunday, which will be given at Trinity, Yazoo City, MS, one of my DEPO parishes.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral. Home just past 6, whereupon I took a brisk 30-minute walk before dinner.
  • Letter in the evening–more emails. Final task tally–knocked off 8 of the 13 marked for today. Shuffle and re-deal tomorrow.
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