Tuesday (Eve of Epiphany)

… aaaaand we’re back. The last two weeks played out just as I had predicted they would, save that Christ Church, Springfield indeed chose not to meet for a few weeks, so I didn’t make my planned visitation last Sunday. Today, I got my work week organized, and handled a couple of pressing items by email. Then it was time to pack and head south, which took place at 11am. Hit my targeted 3pm arrival at the diocesan office, where I puttered for an hour (thee centerpiece of said putting being the signing and sealing of an ordination certificate) before hitting the road again, arriving at St Paul’s, Carlinville an hour ahead of the scheduled 6pm ordination liturgy to make Carter Aikin a priest. It all came off quite smoothly, though severely straitened, with only nine people in the church, and singing restricted to the Veni creator and the Sanctus. But we got the job done, and the church will be blessed by Father Aikin’s ministry for a long while to come. If I were 20 or 30 years younger, I could have made if all the way back home tonight, but realism dictated that I book a room in Bloomington, from which I am making this entry.

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