Tuesday (Consecration of Samuel Seabury)

  • Weekly and daily task planning at home.
  • Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Consulted with the Archdeacon over some ongoing matters.
  • Took a pastoral-care phone call from one of our clergy.
  • Drove further downtown to meet with an attorney regarding some personal estate planning.
  • Did some routine personal organization maintenance–properly filing items cluttering my computer desktop.
  • Lunch from HyVee (Chinese), eaten at home.
  • Did a little bit of General Convention-related business.
  • Got to work on refining and printing the working script of my homily for this Sunday (St Barnabas’, Havana), which task was paused and resumed following a conversation with one of our priests about an ongoing pastoral project.
  • Hit the road northbound late in the afternoon toward Normal. Evening Prayer along the way. Enjoyed dinner and Christ the King with a sizeable portion of their membership. We discussed in a very detailed, sometimes rather raw, fashion the evolving protocols for establishing a geographic Parish of McLean County with St Matthew’s. This is emotionally laborious, but well worth the expenditure if it yields the fruit I hope it does. Home around 10.
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