Tuesday (St Martin of Tours)

There are only six of us “tiny bishops” at this year’s gathering–around half the usual number–but we had what we all consider an exceedingly productive day. First, it’s just good to be with one another and “talk shop,” wherever the conversation might lead. We have so to share and so much to learn by pooling our collective experience about trying to do a pretty unique and pretty demanding job, one in which we don’t get to spend very much time with peers. But we also had a formal agenda of sorts, with the first part of the morning being devoted to TREC–the Taskforce for Reimagining the Episcopal Church, of which one among us is a member. Their report to next year’s General Convention is still a work in progress, but certain features are beginning to emerge. I may have some substantive thoughts to share on my “real” blog in due course. At 10:30, we were joined by three representatives of the Church Pension Group, and pretty high-level ones at that: the CEO. the COO, and the Ecclesiastical Officer. We had a lively and robust discussion around a range of issues pertaining to CPG-related issues that affect smaller dioceses. It last through lunch and beyond. Very worthwhile interchange. After a break, we resumed with a discussion of issues that will come up at General Convention, especially the election of a new Presiding Bishop and the report on the special task force on the theology of marriage. On the latter, I think it’s safe to say that the full range of available views was represented in the group. Dinner was at a very fine local downtown eatery, courtesy of our host, the Bishop of Utah.

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