Tuesday (Charles Simeon)

  • In our domestic oratory: intercessions and Morning Prayer; then tea, breakfast, internet scanning, crossword.
  • Took Brenda over to Swedish Covenant hospital for a test. It’s only three blocks away, and we would normally walk, but the record cold and wind chill, along with the iced-over sidewalks, meant we drove.
  • Sent a substantive email to the company to which the Lambeth Conference has outsourced logistical issues, I had some non-standard questions and concerns for which I need some feedback from them.
  • Wrestled with my exegetical notes for the reading of Advent II and eventually wrangled a homiletical message statement from them, which will eventually become a sermon for my visitation to St Barnabas’, Havana on December 8.
  • Lunch from the hole-in-the-wall Chinese place around the corner, eaten at home.
  • Did a brisk 45 minutes on the treadmill, which is, as of the weekend, up and running for the first time since the move to Chicago.
  • Drafted and sent a substantive and fairly detailed email over an emerging administrative issue.
  • Responded to an email enquiry from the Communications Coordinator.
  • Attended via email to some Society of King Charles the Martyr board business.
  • Again, via email, took care of three small administrative issues.
  • Listened to/watched a YouTube presentation from one of our clergy about the fruit of her recent sabbatical.
  • Evening Prayer with Brenda.
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