Tuesday (Bernard Mizeki)

Still at the College for Bishops “Living Our Vows” conference. We spend the morning in small groups sharing “critical incident” reports and receiving feedback from our peers. This is a valuable exercise. For my Class of 2011, we devoted most of the afternoon session to planning how we’re going to extend the benefits of the Living Our Vows program after we “graduate” (this is our third and final residency week). We have made plans to get back together on our own for similar five-day stretches  in 2014 and 2015. We have a great deal of cohesion as a class and I feel very blessed by these peer relationships. In the evening, Bishop Nick Knisely of Rhode Island, along with his communications officer Ruth Meteer, led us in a splendid seminar on the use of social media by bishops and dioceses. Lots of good ideas and “best practices” to keep in mind. I’m generally kind of proud of the leanness of our staff at the Diocese of Springfield, but I do find myself having “communications officer envy” tonight.

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