• Up and out to the Amtrak station in time catch the 0632 northbound to Chicago. But, because a freight train collided with an unoccupied vehicle just south of Springfield, we didn’t pull away from the station until 0915. So … lots of waiting.
  • Morning Prayer in the Amtrak station.
  • Once aboard, I connected to the wifi and was able to work. Attended to a few questions from a lay leader in one of our Eucharistic Communities, moved the ball down the field in preparation for next week’s ordination of a deacon, sent out an email blast to the clergy about the upcoming pre-Lenten retreat.
  • Arrived at Union Station, grabbed a sandwich for a quick lunch, then caught a taxi to the Nicholas Center, a conference facility on the top floor of the Diocese of Chicago’s office building.
  • Spent the afternoon and evening with colleague bishops from Province V. We discussed issues around this year’s General Convention, the Church Pension Fund, and best practices of providing pastoral ministry in small congregations. We’ll pick up where we left off in the morning.
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