• Master weekly task planning at home, which was itself a substantial task!
  • Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Prepared the cathedral chapel for the 12:15 Mass, at which I would be celebrant and preacher in the Archdeacon’s absence.
  • Took care of a small but highly-important and time-sensitive administrative act.
  • Spoke by phone at some length with a former member (moved out of the area) of one of our parishes in an effort to gain further insight into an emerging issue there.
  • First formal interview with an individual in the early stages of discerning a potential call to the priesthood.
  • Presided and preached at the regular Tuesday 12:15 liturgy in the cathedral chapel.
  • Lunch from McDonald’s (McRib!), eaten at home.
  • Processed a batch of emails.
  • Sent an email related to the youth pilgrimage tour to England in June 2014.
  • Took an incoming call from the Dean of Nashotah House.
  • Took an incoming call from the Rector’s Warden of Emmanuel, Champaign with the news that they have successfully called an interim rector (whose name I cannot reveal here because it has not yet been revealed to the parishioners … but I’m happy about the decision).
  • Assisted the Administrator of the cathedral in some planning for Christmas services there, where I wil celebrate and preach.
  • Refined and printed a working script of my homily for this Sunday (St Paul’s, Carlinville).
  • Wrote an email to a priest of the diocese in need of some pastoral care.
  • Returned an incoming call from an old friend from seminary who is the president of the Standing Committee of a diocese about to embark on an episcopal search process, with questions about the process that Springfield followed in its most recent election.
  • Spoke by phone at some length with a current member of the parish referenced above regarding the same emerging issue.
  • Evening Prayer, short form, in the car on the way home (it was already after 6pm).
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