• Master task planning for the week at home, along with some Nashotah-related stuff. Because we’re in an unanticipated transition between deans, the board’s workload has increased significantly.
  • Devotions (Angelus and intercessions) and Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • The remainder of the morning was consumed by taking the sermon for St Aidan’s Day (this Thursday at Nashotah House) that was conceived and hatched last week and supervising its growth to readiness-to-fledge (to continue to avian metaphor).
  • Lunch at home–leftovers.
  • Returned a phone call from one of our rectors over a pastoral/administrative concern.
  • Wrote an 600+-word article for the next issue of the Springfield Current and delivered it to the Communications Coordinator. You can get a preview here.
  • Reviewed and commented on the Diocesan Secretary’s draft minutes of last Saturday’s Council meeting.
  • Reworked, refined, and printed my sermon for this Sunday, to be delivered at All Saints, Morton.
  • Wrestled yet again with the commentators on Proper 23 and distilled my homiletical message statement for the occasion of preaching at St Matthew’s, Bloomington on October 15.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
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