• Usual weekly/daily task planning at home.
  • Read MP in my recliner while waiting for a repairman (who eventually gave us really bad news about our gas-powered generator that’s suppose to cover power outages). Dealt with a pastoral/administrative issue and a Nashotah issue while this was all going on. At the office a little before 10:00.
  • Dealt with another pastoral/administrative issue.
  • Performed radical surgery on the text of a homily form Proper 16 (late August) that I gave several years ago, toward the end of preaching on that occasion next month at St John’s, Albion.
  • Logged on to my Western Union account to wire some collected funds that we’ve been holding for the Diocese of Tabora. This bit should finish putting a roof on a priest’s house so he and his family can move in and leave their rented digs.
  • Lunch at home. Leftovers. Stayed there to work ahead of an 3pm dental appointment.
  • Attended to an ongoing Nashotah issue. (It’s always something.)
  • Dealt with a pastoral issue via email.
  • Went and submitted my teeth and gums to the hygienist’s pick axe. Didn’t get scolded about anything, so … that’s a win.
  • Spent the rest of the afternoon wrestling with the database system (with ultimate success) for the purpose of sending an email to all 72 of our canonically resident clergy. It will be easier the next time, and easier still the time after that. Full-featured technology comes with a steep learning curve.
  • Evening Prayer in my chair.
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