• Usual weekday AM routine. MP in the cathedral.
  • Dealt by email with an ongoing and increasingly vexing pastoral-administrative issue.
  • Answered an email inquiry from a lay leader in one of our vacant parishes seeking advice on interviewing techniques.
  • Arranged for a check to be cut to one of our Eucharistic Communities to assist with a small but unexpected capital outlay.
  • Did the rough planning for my fifth and final Lenten teaching series presentation at Trinity, Lincoln–which will not take place this Thursday, since I’ll be away at House of Bishops, but, rather on the 17th.
  • Drafted and emailed a proposal to the Finance Committee for the acquisition of database software and a couple of new office computers.
  • Lunch from home. Leftovers.
  • Produced a camera-ready version of the Chrism Mass program. Theoretically camera-ready, that is. It looks great on a screen. But we so seldom produce service booklets in the diocesan office that we forget how to do it from one time to the next. Right now the relationship between MS Word and the laser printer seems to be dominated by Picasso. But we will yet have victory. Yes, we will yet have victory.
  • Took a long walk around several blocks on a very balmy early spring afternoon.
  • Made air travel arrangements to attend the April board meeting of the Living Church Foundation in Dallas.
  • Did a bit of personal brainstorming and note-making around the process of canonical revision, around which there are a couple of teapot tempests.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
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