• Task planning at home; MP in the cathedral.
  • Consulted with the Archdeacon and the Administrator on a couple of unrelated administrative/pastoral issues, moved toward decisions, and implemented the same via email.
  • Attended to some fairly humdrum Nashotah House business.
  • Edited, refined, and printed a working script of a homily for this Sunday–Epiphany III at Trinity, Jacksonville. Amid doing so, answer lots of questions from Sue as she booked air travel for me for the March meeting of the House of Bishops.
  • Lunch at home. Leftovers.
  • Devoted the bulk of the afternoon to liturgical prep for the Clergy Pre-Lenten retreat. This included writing a second verse for a generic hymn about saints, where the first and third verses are the same, and the second verse is about a particular saint–only the hymnal only covers the big ones (those found in the Bible). This one was for the lesser feast of St Anskar (Feb. 3). It’s doggerel, but, with the help of an online rhyme dictionary, I got the job done. Truth to tell, a great many hymn texts, when not actually sung, are pretty bad poetry, so I’m in good company.
  • Evening Prayer in the office.
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