With a number of chores to be completed ahead of tomorrow’s departure from Peru, I did not go in to the office today, but there was no shortage of productivity via email. Brenda and I, along with Fr Mark Evans, depart for St Louis tomorrow morning ahead of a 1pm flight to Atlanta and a connection to Lima that will get us there about 30 minutes before midnight. I don’t know precisely what our wifi access will be like there–it will probably vary in different places–but I will endeavor to stay as connected as I can, both with words and images. However, whatever I post may not show up right away at this site. Look for it at this site’s mirror. We will be in Lima until Monday, and, while there, I will assist with the consecration of three new bishops on Saturday and preach at the English service at the cathedral on Sunday. On Monday we fly to the proto-diocese of Arequipa, which, when erected, will be Springfield’s companion going forward. While based in Arequipa, the plan is for us to make one or two long drives–long, as involving overnight stays–to outlying missions. Details when they become available.

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