• Minor email processing and major task planning at home. 47 tasks in the queue for this week, 14 chosen for today. (They all got done, but it required the evening hours as well.)
  • Morning Prayer (short form) in the car on the way in (got delayed at home, late start).
  • Sent two emails with important questions, trying to arrange phone appointments.
  • Phoned the office of a neighboring diocese to inquire about a priest whom we may try to tap for occasional supply work.
  • Refined and printed the text of my homily for this Sunday at St Mark’s, West Frankfort.
  • Met with one of our our clergy over a personal and pastoral matter.
  • Lunch from KFC, eaten at home, after which I made a detour to the restaurant Brenda and I ate in last night to retrieve the credit card I had left there.
  • Attended in some detail to plans for an event I have been invited to participate in in the Diocese of Mississippi in September. It’s geared to uncovering some of the theological assumptions that underlie our contentious divisions over sexuality. This generated two substantive emails.
  • Refined and printed the text of the homily I have been invited to deliver Sunday after next in the cathedral in Lima, Diocese of Peru.
  • Took care of a brief bit of Nashotah House business.
  • Penned a hand-written reply to a substantive letter from a layperson in the diocese who had written to me at some length by hand.
  • Spent some quality time with the canons in an effort to lay out the individual steps in the process of receiving a former Roman Catholic priest as an Episcopal priest. The canon on this is amazingly complex.
  • Evening Prayer in the car en route home (it was well past 6:00).
  • After supper: Peru-trip chores–registering our trip with the State Department, and arranging to be able to use our phone  while there.
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