Back in the diffuse insanity of the real world, which is preferable to the concentrated insanity of General Convention.

  • Usual AM routine; task planning at home.
  • Cleared the small pile on my desk blotter, which involved signing a couple of routine documents.
  • Morning Prayer in the office (there were meetings going on in the cathedral).
  • Reviewed, made some notes on, and electronically returned the rough draft of the liturgy for Friday’s institution of the Provost of St Paul’s Cathedral.
  • Attended and participated in a meeting of the Finance Department, at which we tweaked the rough draft 2016 operating budget that had been prepared by the Treasurer.
  • Tomorrow is the funeral of a prominent member of the cathedral parish, and it has fallen to me to preach. So I got busy preparing to do so. Since funeral homilies are rarely anticipated, my habit is just to say an earnest prayer, take a deep breath, and start writing what is given to me in the moment. It’s a process that usually turns out to be filled with grace.
  • Lunch from Pizza Hut (yes, I was rather bad), eaten at home. (Sudden late-morning craving combined with the knowledge of how easy it is to place an online order and just walk into the place and pick it up.)
  • Continued working on the funeral homily, placing the printed script in the cathedral pulpit around 3:30.
  • Took a several-block walk west and north, and back.
  • Revised and updated some “vintage” material that will be repurposed for a sermon this Sunday at St Stephen’s, Harrisburg.
  • Took care of a small Nashotah-related administrative chore, and a small Tabora-related administrative chore.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
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