Tuesday (Samuel Isaac Joseph Schereshrewsky)

  • Between incoming phone calls, impromptu confabs, and other distractions, Morning Prayer got lost in the shuffle. Doesn’t happen often, thankfully.
  • Conferred with the Treasurer and the Archdeacon over an administrative/financial matter.
  • Took a call from a priest outside the diocese who is interested in exploring deployment possibilities within the diocese.
  • Dealt with some administrative matters and appointment requests via email.
  • Placed an order by phone for a new zucchetto (the purple skullcap I wear when vested). Those things are tiny and easy to lose, and last weekend’s synod seems to have consumed mine somewhere.
  • Replied in kind to a hard-copy letter from a lay person in the diocese who does not use email. This is a pretty rare occurrence.
  • Took a walk of six or eight blocks in length.
  • Did some calendar maintenance that really belongs at the beginning of the month, but got delayed. This spurred making a hotel reservation for an occasion that had been previously overlooked.
  • Lunch at home; leftovers. Worked from home thereafter.
  • Placed a phone order for a nest of starched cotton clergy collars.
  • Reviewed an email from one of our clergy regarding some concerns over a parish that he has some knowledge of.
  • Developed and fleshed out notes toward a homily for this Sunday (Emmanuel, Champaign).
  • Reviewed an email pertaining to a pastoral/administrative concern. Plotted further action.
  • Brief walk around the neighborhood.
  • Left at 3pm for points east.
  • Had dinner in Danville with the vestry of Holy Trinity Church. There is some anxiety in the system over the retirement of their longtime rector, who continues to serve them as a supply priest. I believe we injected some stability and lowered anxiety. Arrived back home at 9:45.
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