• Weekly task planning at home. (65 candidates on this week’s list–some large, some small.)
  • Short confabs with the Archdeacon and the Administrator.
  • Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Registered online for meals and lodging for the Nashotah board meeting and academic convocation about three weeks hence.
  • Spoke by phone was a fellow Nashotah trustee, who happens to chair our search committee for a new dean and president.
  • Spoke by phone with the rector of Emmanuel, Champaign, whose new ministry we are celebrating on St Luke’s Day (18 October), and where my annual visitation is scheduled the next day. Arrangements are now all in order.
  • Dashed off a couple of quick email: one Nashotah-related, the other regarding youth ministry.
  • Refined and printed my homily for this Sunday (St Paul’s, Carlinville).
  • Read an article, the link to which one of our clergy had sent me, regarding the practice of intinction at Holy Communion. I continue to want to discourage the practice of communicants dipping the consecrated host in the chalice themselves, rather than allow the chalice-bearer to do the dipping and place it on their outstretched tongue. The article gives me some welcome ammunition, which I will deploy prudently in due course.
  • Lunch at home, from materials on hand.
  • Processed, mostly via scanning, the items in my physical inbox. This particular instance was somewhat less time-consuming than usual, as I had not allowed as much time to elapse as has been my wont of late.
  • Took a semi-brisk walk around the neighborhood. Savoring the good weather while it lasts.
  • More email processing.
  • Refined and printed my homily for the Mass at synod (October 10).
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
  • 45 tasks for the week remaining at the end of the day; not a bad net gain.
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