• Up and dressed at the usual time, but restrained by the fact that there was still a considerable amount of ice on our sloping driveway.
  • Morning Prayer at home.
  • Processed a stack of emails on a range of subjects: youth pilgrimage, Nashotah House, clergy pastoral care, etc.
  • At around 10, it seemed that there had been sufficient thawing to proceed into the office, and I did so without incident.
  • Met with the Treasurer briefly over a finance concern.
  • Worked on beginning to pulling together a sermon on short notice for this Sunday, which had been free on my calendar, but is not populated with an impromptu visit to Trinity, Mattoon.
  • Worked on producing liturgy sheets for the two celebrations of the Eucharist at next week’s clergy retreat.
  • Lunch from TG, eaten at home.
  • At 1:30, proceed north, via a gas station with an attached car wash, to a location that required a bit of a drive in order to meet with two priests of the diocese on a sensitive matter. When I’m cryptic like this, it’s for reasons of pastoral confidentiality. While en route there, spoke by phone with a candidate for one of our clergy vacancies. On the way home, pastoral check-in by phone with the spouse of a cleric with some health issues.
  • Home around 6.
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