• Began chipping away at my rather formidable to-do list for this week while still at home, over tea and breakfast. 
  • In the office around 9am. Morning Prayer the cathedral.
  • Conferred with the Archdeacon over sundry administrative and pastoral matters.
  • Produced a working script of a sermon for this Sunday (Trinity, Mount Vernon).
  • Took care of some business related to my membership in the group of Communion Partner bishops.
  • Left at 12:15 for a 12:3o appointment with my local cardiologist, whom I did not actually see until 1:30, and it was well after 2 before I left the Prairie Heart Institute.
  • Collected my computer at the office and headed home (via McDonald’s).
  • Fleshed out an printed a working outline for tonight’s homily at St Andrew’s, Edwardsville.
  • Laid back in the recliner for about a 45 minute nap. This is by way of prudent personal resource management. I realize I can’t yet operate at the pace that was my wont prior to the cardiac incident in March.
  • Left the house around 5:10, headed for Edwardsville. I have to brag a bit on St Andrew’s. My surgery made me miss their scheduled visitation on April 7. So, tonight, over 60 people, including organist and choir (with a prepared anthem, no less) showed up for a midweek service at which we confirmed five beaming young people. This is a fine testimony to the superb pastoral leadership they have received from their about-to-retire rector of 17 years, Mother Virginia Bennett.
  • Home just before 11.
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