• Usual AM routine, begun in the back yard, just because it was so nice out in the early morning.
  • Began to deal with a newly-reappearing clergy discipline issue. Never a pleasant thing.
  • Reviewed and tentatively responded to a revised proposal from the representative of a para-church organization that was going to conduct the fall clergy conference that has now been hijacked by other pressing issues. Trying to re-set how they might still help us.
  • Attended to a small but of Communion Partners business.
  • Attended to some tedious administrative details around reinstating a priest who left the Episcopal Church several years ago while canonically resident in the diocese and who now wishes to return to TEC and serve in another diocese. It’s necessary to please those who are the stewards of fine details.
  • Usually when I rework an old homily it’s mostly cosmetic surgery. The one from 1996 that I’m planning on using the Sunday after next needed to be torn down to the studs and completely rebuilt. (A lot of cultural context has changed in 24 years, but the basic homiletical bones were solid.)
  • Collated the dozen-plus responses I got when I opened up a series of seminars on pastoral liturgy that begins this Saturday, created a Zoom meeting, and sent out the link.
  • Arranged Zoom interviews with two potential candidates for our many (more than two) vacant clergy positions.
  • Built out the broad strokes that I sketched last week for my next-due post on the Covenant blog into a developed essay. Groping toward an authentically Christian response to issues of social justice in a highly-polarized political environment.
  • Evening Prayer with Brenda.
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