• Regular weekday early AM routine. Got started on laundry.
  • Set up my first Zoom meeting as a host. (This one is on Thursday, for a subcommittee of the Communion Partners–a gathering that would have happening on Zoom even without the pandemic).
  • Traded emails with Fr John Henry in his capacity as chair of the Commission on Ministry, looking forward to *their* next meeting happening on Zoom, and discussing those who need to be interviewed.
  • Took a phone call from one of our clergy on a couple of technical questions.
  • Scanned a dubious internet domain-name notice that came to my home address, and sent it off to Sue for further investigation.
  • Executed and put back in the mail a land-conveyance agreement for a corner of the property at the daycare facility at St Thomas’, Glen Carbon. It’s a mutually beneficial agreement with a developer.
  • Scoured my archives for letters-of-agreement with clergy who are not rectors, for the purposes of aiding Canon Evans in the drafting of a new one.
  • Scoured various diocesan sources for financial aid to seminarians, toward the end of devising a comprehensive strategy for the coming academic year.
  • Dealt with a small administrative matter pertaining to the diocesan Zoom account.
  • Walked a couple of blocks up to the nearby Subway–wearing a mask, of course–to pick up some lunch for Brenda and me.
  • Reached out by email to a colleague bishop on an emerging matter.
  • Took Brenda on a modest walk, then took myself on an aggressive one. It is wonderful to be free of the boot contraption. I feel much healthier already. I do believe that if there is a silver bullet for health maintenance as one ages, it’s exercise.
  • Arranged Zoom meetings for the clergy of the diocese next week–two deaneries at a time on three consecutive days–and sent out an email to them with the appropriate links.
  • Attended to a small (but significant) matter pertaining to our companion Diocese of Peru. The COVID-19 shutdown has essentially cut off all the cash flow by which they pay their clergy and school employees. Anyone reading this who is in a position to help financially, get in private contact with me.
  • Attended to a matter pertaining to one of our discerners toward Holy Orders.
  • Evening Prayer with Brenda.
  • Processed a couple of emails in the evening–something that happens from time to time: Questions from people I don’t know but who evidently know who I am.
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