• First things first: Rose, lit coals in the Big Green Egg, prepared a brisket for smoking, and got it on the grill.
  • Tea, breakfast, processing email, cruising Facebook. This involved sharing an article of mine that appeared on the Covenant blog today.
  • Composed and sent an Ad Clerum, letter to the the clergy (actually, just Rectors, Vicars, and Priest-in-Charge, since it had to do with some practical liturgical matters).
  • Did some investigative planning for the drive I plan to take tomorrow to Lexington, KY for a meeting of the board of the the Living Church Foundation. Checked into my hotel room online.
  • Showered, dressed, and did my physical therapy exercises. My back is a bit of a mess since I tackled a household project on Sunday afternoon that required me to twist and contort myself inordinately. I hope the exercises, a more circumspect version of twisting and contorting, help.
  • Organized tasks for what’s left of the day.
  • Went on a health-related shopping errand with/for Brenda. Caught some lunch while we were out.
  • Did the finish work (refine, edit, format, print, schedule for posting) on my homily for this Sunday (St John’s, Decatur).
  • Took a jackhammer and some QuikCrete to a two-decades old sermon text for Easter VI in order to retrofit it for use this year at St John’s, Albion.
  • Worked for about 45 minutes on the continuing project of imposing order on the chaos of my basement.
  • Evening Prayer with Brenda.
  • Enjoyed the brisket I’d been tending off-and-on all day, along with the cornbread that came into being in about 30 minutes.
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