• Customary early-AM weekday routine.
  • Attended by email to a fairly serious pastoral-administrative issue.
  • Moved the ball a couple of yards downfield toward securing a presenter for November’s clergy conference.
  • Responded to a request from a colleague bishop for some insight on a canonical matter.
  • Responded substantively to one of our parish clergy on two distinct concerns.
  • Took steps to give more concrete shape to the diocese’s participation in the “Thy Kingdom Come” prayer initiative between Ascension and Pentecost.
  • Broke off from that effort to keep a physical therapy appointment.
  • Took Brenda to a post-surgical wound check and device adjustment.
  • Lunched–very late–on leftovers.
  • Re-engaged and completed the “Thy Kingdom Come” task.
  • Attended in a fair amount of detail to a pastoral-administrative issue.
  • Finished the draft of the Covenant blog post I began last week. Sent it off to the editor.
  • Evening Prayer with Brenda.
  • After dinner (while watching the Cubs game with one eye): Did significant surgery (it needed to be cut in length by a whole lot) on a sermon text for Easter V, in preparation for preaching on that occasion at St John’s, Decatur.
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