• Morning Prayer and tea in the usual weekday manner, but then out of the building at 0740 en route to a 0800 physical therapy appointment–a three block walk through slushy sidewalks.
  • After the appointment, and checking my weather app to learn that walking conditions were not going to get any better as the day progressed, I leveraged the distance I already was from home into a proper walk.
  • Upon returning, and spending a bit of time with Hattie, who was down for a visit, I organized my week’s worth of tasks and picked out targets for getting done today,
  • Officially created an account with Breeze, our new database provider, and got Paige set up to begin the process of data import.
  • Took care of a handful of smallish administrative matters via email.
  • Lunched on leftovers.
  • Attended to some routine personal finance chores.
  • Devoted the bulk of the afternoon to fleshing out into a rough draft the (somewhat) detailed notes I had made last week toward a homily this Saturday on the occasion of Fr Joel Morsch’s institution as rector of St Andrew’s, Edwardsville.
  • Evening Prayer with Brenda.
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